Treadmill shut down by a basketball?

I wish I had taken a picture of this, but I didn’t get one. My client today had called last week regarding his Life Fitness 4000 treadmill not working anymore. It powered up, lights were working, and I could hear a slight motor hum when I hit the Start button, however, the belt didn’t move. I tried to push the belt with my feet and it was jammed. Well, I proceeded to take the motor cover off and jammed inside was a little basketball from one of those arcade type games where you shoot as many basketballs as you can in a minute. The kids were in the room a while back for a Halloween party and they must have put the treadmill an incline at a very high speed, and it got sucked into the motor compartment, bursting the ball. We laughed and he said he was wondering what had happened to the 3rd basketball. Sometimes it’s not always an issue with the treadmill itself.