Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Do you service (your city)?  A: I service all of CT, Springfield MA, and some areas of NY outside of CT border.

2. Q: Do you service (your brand of) treadmills? A: I service all brands except for Woodway Treadmills

3. Q: How much does a new treadmill belt cost? A: For most residential treadmills, a new belt will typically run between $100 – $150.  There are some belts that are more expensive, such as an orthopedic belt that some models of Horizon/Vision Fitness manufacture.

4. Q: Why does my treadmill shut down during use? A: Most likely you have a worn belt/deck, which creates a lot of friction, causing the treadmill to pull more amperage.  Most treadmills have a limit of pulling 15 amps prior to shutting down.  An amp draw test can be performed to determine the health of your treadmill belt.

5. Q: Why does my treadmill belt still slip/skip/move forward after adjusting the belt tension? A: If your treadmill is still slipping after adjusting the tension on the walking belt, then your motor drive belt is loose or needs to be replaced.  The motor drive belt is fairly inexpensive @ $15-$30.

6. Q: How often should I have my treadmill serviced?  A: Depending on the use of your treadmill, at least once per year.  If you do a lot of running, or training for races on your machine, a little more often.  It’s important for your belt/deck to be lubricated/waxed (for most treadmills) to keep the amp draw down and prolong the life of your belt/deck and motor components.  If your treadmill has been sitting dormant for quite some time you will want to have it serviced as the belt most likely dried out.

7. Q: Should I put a treadmill mat or something under my treadmill?  A: It is recommended depending on the floor your treadmill is on.  A treadmill mat will protect hardwood floors, tile, etc.  It will also prevent moisture from concrete floors/basements and add a little more cushion.

8. Q: Why does the circuit breaker in my room trip when using the treadmill?  A: Most treadmill manufacturers recommend having your treadmill plugged into its own dedicated 20-amp circuit that is not a GFCI outlet.  Your treadmill can pull a lot of amps and if you have other small appliances (air conditioners, dehumidifiers, small refrigerators, etc) on at the same time you will create an overload.  Also, please see question #4 above.